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Criminal Law

Being charged with a crime is a pretty awful experience. If you are lucky, you receive a citation and are let go with a date to appear in court. Most people are not that lucky. No, most people get arrested, go to jail, and appear in front of a judge in an orange jumpsuit. This is just the start of your journey through the criminal justice system.

We understand that being arrested is terribly embarrassing and a really big deal. Once in jail, your only focus is on getting out. This focus can lead to tremendous mistakes as people are willing to plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit just to get out of jail. When you are charged with a crime you need a lawyer. Your lawyer can help you not only get out of jail, but also ensure that your rights are protected and intact when you get out of jail.

“But I received a citation, I can just go and tell the judge my side and get this taken care of, right?” Wrong, wrong, wrong…Oh, so wrong! The criminal justice system is set up for lawyers. Judges look to lawyers for all the information on their cases. If the prosecutor, the person who thinks you are guilty and need to be punished, is the only lawyer on your case then you are at a terrible disadvantage. Your lawyer is the only person in the courtroom that will present your voice, your story, your way.

Personal Injuries

Working in conjunction with Fred Harrison, PC, Justice Seekers and Rob Shively, Bennett Law Group offers compassionate representation of those injured in accidents. From fender benders to catastrophic loss, Bennett Law Group understands the impact the misdeeds of others has on our clients. We will stand with you against the powerful insurance companies that would have you accept pennies on the dollar for your injuries. Please check out Justice Seekers by clicking here.


Pot gets its own category because it produces the most draconian results in the criminal justice system. Yes, it is legal in more states than not, but it is not legal in Wyoming. In fact, when states began to legalize medicinal marijuana the Wyoming Legislature amended the Controlled Substances Act to specifically deny medicinal marijuana card holders a defense to marijuana possession in Wyoming. That’s right, if you are dying of cancer and your doctor prescribes, or recommends, marijuana for treatment the State of Wyoming DOES NOT CARE about your card and you will be prosecuted.

It may be “just pot” but any amount over 3 ounces is a felony and you will be prosecuted. In fact, you will be prosecuted for possessing any amount of marijuana and even a misdemeanor conviction can have serious ramifications. Marijuana legalization will eventually come to Wyoming but until it does, you will be prosecuted for possessing weed. 

Federal Prosecutions

If you have been indicted by a grand jury, or otherwise charged with a crime by the federal government, you need help immediately. Since the inception of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, the federal system has become a dizzying maze of working parts almost impossible to navigate. When you are choosing the attorney to represent you in federal court, you must be extremely careful to pick someone who has a complete understanding of the Guidelines. The key to any sentencing is finding a lawyer that possesses a command of the Sentencing Guidelines. A good understanding of a case’s guideline calculation is essential to every decision you make in your case. 

The Bennett Law Group offers a comprehensive, and realistic, approach to every federal case, anchored in our abilities to accurately asses a case’s overall guideline calculation. Moreover, we have a demonstrated history and experience of using the Guidelines themselves, to the benefit of our clients.